About Us

The primary focus of the American County Review (ACRe) is the aggregation of data from numerous non-subjective sources, and creating from that data a unique ranking system that is not currently available from other vendors.  Each City/Town, County, and School District  in the United States is ranked using a proprietary methodology that analyzes census data, crime data, environmental data, personal infrastructure data and climate change data.

What experience does the ACRe team have?

The ACRe team has over three decades of experience and excellence in designing leading Fixed Income Analytics, Pricing models, and Trade analysis .  In addition the ACRe team has previously been issued two patents, and has six other patent applications pending.  The ACRe team brings a unique skill set to the analysis and risk assessment of the cities/towns, school districts, and counties within each State, as well across the United States. 

How is ACRe Different?

By consolidating data from numerous sources, as well as linking data not previously utilized, ACRe is able to build a unique data set that has not previously existed.  In today’s marketplace, vendors offer snapshots of data, or views of municipal issuers (including counties), but no vendor links the social, economic and environmental data into one view that ACRe now offers.

Furthermore, ACRe utilizes data to identify trends as well as relative values, whereas the majority of vendors look only at absolute values.



41,000 Cities and Towns across America


3,141 Counties across America