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risk assessment data for Municipal bonds - city, county, & school district

County Level risk profile for Muni Bonds / Real Estate - alternative data

Want to know the top rated 50 Counties (population 100k+) in America ? - then select the appropriate file below.  By using Alternative Data, we provide risk profiles for Municipal Bonds (issuers) that review socioeconomic data that the rating agencies do not utilize as a financial service.

Want to see what a Custom report looks like? - then select the detailed report below that we have provided for Pitt County, North Carolina  (ranked 1,821 out of all 2,428 Counties in America with a population of 10,000 or greater - Q1 2019). 

ACRe Data Inc - Top 50 Counties as of Q1 2019 (pdf)


ACRe Data Inc - Pitt County North Carolina - Q1 2019 (pdf)